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Advanced Audience Targeting

WeCycl connects advertisers to audiences at scale using proprietary 1st party and comprehensive 3rd party data assets, premium multi-platform inventory, and advanced optimization technologies. WeCycl will deliver your ads to your most relevant prospects through a custom blend of cutting-edge targeting solutions. We leverage our own unique 1st party data and comprehensive 3rd party data to find your ideal prospects. Data is collected based on consumers’ online and offline behaviors, and at WeCycl advertisers can target ads to the most relevant audience segments.

Connected TV

Broadcast your commercial to engaged viewers across Connected TV (CTV) devices. Your video as will play alongside premium CTV publisher content. Providers include: Turner (CNN), Sling TV (ESPN, TBS, TNT), Discovery, and A&E.

    • Non-skippable content
    • Full screen experience
    • Premium and uncluttered environment
    • Goods for branding purposes
    • Reach multiple viewers
    • IP-Based Geo-targeting available by DMA or State
    • Ad format: 15 or 30 second video
    • CTV inventory runs on:
      • Smart TVs
      • Streaming Devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chrome
      • Game Consoles, such as: Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox

Contextual Targeting

Target content that aligns with your services or rour desired audience’s interest. Contextual targeting will help drive conversions by reaching consumers who are engaging with pertinent content across our digital network.

    • Targets content on the article level across WeCycl’s extended network of brand -safe publisher sites
    • Content categories include finance, health, home & garden, sports, travel
    • Options to create a customized keyword
    • List cross-platform - runs across desktop and mobile

Email Marketing

Deliver your message or promotion directly to the inboxes of Viable prospects through a targeted email marketing campaign

    • Find engaged and qualified consumers
    • Leverage a rich set of offline and online 3rd party audience data
    • Receive measurable, timely results
    • Premium add-ons with further engage your customers
    • Choose your geography demographic, interest and intent
    • Targeting segments full-service
    • Creative design based on experience from 1000s of campaign executions
    • Quick execution with 5 day turnaround


Utilize retargeting to deliver your messaging to consumer who have already shown interest and are most likely to be considering your services.

    • Retargets people who have visited our homepage and/or specific site pages, showing them brand ads as they travel across our network of professionally published sites
    • There are two options that can be used individually or collectively
      • Click Retargeting targets users who have clicked on your banner
      • Adsite retargeting targets users who have visited your website
    • Cross-platform - runs across Desktop and mobile

YouTube TrueView Pre-Roll

Broadcast your brand’s pre-roll to consumers on the popular YouTube platform in the TrueView format. Thise effective and efficient format distributes pre-roll with a cost per view (CPV) pricing model, ensuring that you only pay for ads that have not been skipped by the viewer.

    • YouTube is a highly engaging video environment
    • :15 and :30 pre-roll
    • Options to target specific audience - by keyword, category, interest
    • Cross-platform - runs across desktop and mobile