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Mobile Targeting

WeCycl understands that to maintain a relationship with today’s fast moving always connected consumers companies are taking their show on the road—enabling customers to interact from their smartphones, laptops and tablets. They are buying products and services online, downloading apps and coupons, receiving promotional text messages and much more. Don’t miss out on the mobile action.

Hyper-Local Mobile

Deliver your message to mobile users based on their physical location to implement influence at the most opportune moment. This tactic allows you to geo-fence your location, your competitors, and other relevant places (such as the most likely hang outs of your customers)

    • This tactic couples GPS functionality in smartphones with thousands of mobile apps and websites to reach a specifically selected audience based on precise locations.
    • Option to include click to call or click to map (to find the nearest store) Ads
    • Run across our extended mobile network, which includes thousands of Apps and mobile-enhanced sites
    • Weather triggers available
    • Runs on mobile devices

Mobile Run of Network

Deliver your messaging to consumers on the Device that is always by their side via Ads running across WeCycle’s extended mobile network. Ads can include click to call functionality to encourage phone inquiries to your company.

    • Cost-effective mobile solution that reaches a broader audience across a network of mobile sites and apps.
    • Option to include click to call or click to map (to find the nearest store) Runs on mobile

Native Mobile Display

Engage mobile users as they are consuming content on publishers’ mobile sites and apps via native placements that integrate advertiser messaging directly into the editorial.

    • Placements create greater brand awareness and affinity by matching the publishers’ look and feel.
    • The engagement rate for native ads is most often higher than banner ads
    • Placement contains advertiser thumbnail, headline, description and logo
    • Placement clicks to a related article on the advertiser’s mobile site
    • Native sample sites include:,,,,,,, Runs on mobile

Tailored Location Segments

Target mobile users based on the places they’ve visited in the past 30, 60, 90, 365 days.

This tactic leverages data mapped to locations, census information, and events. Targeting segments are created based on consumers’ real world behaviors to reach your most likely potential customers.

    • Over 100 pre-defined audience segments
    • For example: Business Traveler (visited airports frequently during the work week) or CVS Customer (users who have been to the store in the last 2 weeks
    • Target your customer, or competitors’ customers
    • Uses offline behavior and actions to locate and target your customers more effectively
    • Option to include click to call or click to map (to find the nearest store) Runs on mobile

Native Mobile Video

Capture the attention of mobile users with native video placements that play advertiser messaging in alongside editorial content on publishers’ mobile sites and apps.

    • Placements fit the natural form and function of the mobile site or app without disturbing the user experience
    • Placement includes a 15-90 second video and an engaging headline
    • Video either auto plays silently or plays upon tap (depending on the site where it runs)
    • Native sample sites include:,,,,,,,, and Runs on mobile